Welcome to a growing Apostolic Pentecostal church with Book of Acts revival.  Re-live and experience the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) in your life, as God continuously performs miracles of healing, salvation and answered prayer.

AFT isn't 'church as usual'; the divine presence of God is dynamically changing lives and delivering people from every addiction, oppression and circumstances that sin can bring into a life.  God still saves and delivers.


2017..Year of Revival !!  


        7..Evangelist Leon Davis

      11 2nd Thursday Prayer 7 pm

      13..Ladies Tea 

      14. Mother's Day services                         (one service only at 10 am)

      18  LYM classes, 7:00 pm

      28  Memorial Day services

           (one service only at 10 am)


    2nd Thursday Prayer, 7 pm

    LYM classes, 7 pm

​    Singles (Adult) meet, June 9







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  • Supporting Children's Camps
  • Nursing Home Ministries
  • Youth Development Ministry

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Priscilla Spears

Music Director

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with the evidence of speaking with tongues

A prophecy...Joel 3:14-----Acts 2:16

A promise.....Isa. 28:11-----Acts 2:4

The Indwelling Presence of God

Joy, Peace, Righteousness in the Holy Ghost....Ro.14:17 

Jesus Christ is God manifest in flesh; come to save sinners by grace through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit with a new birth of the water (baptism in Jesus name) and Spirit (the infilling of the Holy Ghost.)

Acts 2:38, 1:8, John 3:5, 1Tim.3:16

​​Home  Bible  Study

​    'The Promise'

8-10 Lessons...Creation-Revelation

​Taught in your location-at your convenience..FREE..call today.

​Lesson 1...The Origin of the Bible--its authenticity

​Lesson 2...Creation--and the 1st Great Promise

​Lesson 3..Noah and the Flood...understand about the

         dinosaurs, how Methuselah lived 900 years...

​Lesson 4...God's call of Abraham; establishment of the

         Jewish nation of the promised Messiah.

Lesson 5....Jesus...Who was He? Why did He come?

​Lesson 6...Pentecost; the birth of the Church; the message

         of the apostles and its relevance to us today.

​Lesson 7...The End Time events---Revelation; WWIII, one

        world government, the Rapture of the Church.

​Lesson 8...How it all ends--or BEGINS for the believer.

Pastor Curtis Spears: Sermons Now Online.

Apostolic Faith Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church Shreveport LA

Sunday 10:00 am 

 Kidz Church (ages 6-11) @ 10:00--10:40

 Classes for all other ages 10:00--10:40

​Morning Worship....10:45 am

Sunday 6:30 pm

  Praise and Worship

Wednesday, 7:30 pm

 Bible study for Adults

 Sunday School for kids: 7:45--8:30

​Adult prayer, Tuesday @ 7:30

Just closed a 3 week revival with the Bernadini's!  Several filled with the Holy Ghost; new people baptized; great growth in our attendance

Water Baptism in the Name of Jesus...Acts 4:12

Rev. Curtis Spears




aCTS 2:38-39